Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday, August 29: Person E

Today we have another reader submission:

Tell us what you think her back story is. What's your first impression? Would you give up your seat in a crowded meeting? Would you ask her to dance? Would you tell her a secret?

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Anonymous said...

She is Catholic; has at least 2 siblings. Euclid or somewhere east but not a high priced suburb. Has a degree from an Ohio college. Is a MOM - busy in her children's schools. Does not leave much time in her schedule for herself.

Anonymous said...

I think, this girl is about 30 years and she gained a secondary education. She is married and has one child. She seems to be very fiendly, trustworthy, good-tempered person with positive attitude to the life and great sense of humor. She must love animals and I suppose, she may work as a keeper in animal shelter. She loves cooking but she is not interested in keeping fit and doing sport. She doesn't care much about her physical appearance, make-up, hair style and fasionable clothes. She loves smiling and singing too.

Anonymous said...

First impression ?

She's really symphatic, enjoyable and friendly person - because of smile. I guess, she has got one child or maybe twins. What's more right now, she hasn't got enough time to do sports because she takes care of her child and home.On the other side she can be the best tutor in her school. I really don't know. But after judging her I would build a last trusting with her. She's worth it.
I just wonder what do my current image say about me.