Friday, August 29, 2008

As promised...

We reveal the identity of our first two participants.

Person A is Dizi Clemens. As many of you guessed, he's a bike messenger. He lives in Cleveland and is 30 years old. He is originally from New York City. While he likes Cleveland, he misses the big city.

Person B is Mark Leverett. He lives in Cleveland and is 51 years old. He does not work because he is collecting disability.

Keep commenting on our other participants. When we receive enough comments, we'll reveal some more. In the meantime, send in your own photo.


Alexa said...

this is awesome! i loved reading the article in the magazine can't wait to keep reading.

Carole W. said...

Hi there,
I noticed your original story from 2008 on First Impressions is no longer working - the web page has errors - some text but not photos. Is this something you can fix? It was really great!
Carole W.